Friday, October 26, 2007

YAY! I got more pictures!!

YAY! I forgot I hadn't uploaded these (sorry, half of them are blurry), so I will now. And immediately after reading Aunt Heidi's comment on my last post, I took a couple more. =D
Shadow enjoys her bone with her rope toy nearby. Awwww! (if you don't think that's cute, just realize that almost anything non-destructive a puppy does is absolutely adorable, so just get over it.)
I called her name. Look at those huge brown puppy-dog eyes! Just kills you, doesn't it? Well, if it doesn't, it WILL if you're getting ice out and trying to avoid giving some to her whenever she begs, too.
I can't decide! What should I do?
The puppy is almost asleep, in her favoritest place to be - the bed. When the bed was by the laundry room door to be washed, she laid down on it for ages. And when it went in the wash, she sat by the laundry room door with those killer eyes, whining. Poor thing. Here she's in the school room, where we tend to move the bed during the day from her crate.
P.S. - this is where the stuff I took about 5 minutes ago starts.
...Closer up, as she gradually becomes aware that I am WAKING HER UP some. It's okay, people, she really wasn't all the way asleep. And I had to get more pictures for my aunt. (Yes, you gave me the idea, and I am definitely going to take advantage of it.) O=-)

Does the sleepyhead want some ice? I took a short video too. Boredom+annoyance-with-lighting+sleepy dog, not good for good pictures+camera+aunt wanting pictures = video. You're very welcome. I didn't mind at all, actually, but I'm probably boring you guys to tears.

Notice that nice sit. The obedience. The focus. All out the window 70% of the time when there's no ice.

EDIT: ACK! I just watched that video and remembered how I HATE the sound of my own voice. I sound stupid. =)
A very tired puppy. You can tell she's only partially awake, because I just told her I'd give her ICE and she's still laying down, not dashing over to the fridge. She's much more awake, though, as the news begins to sink in, and you'll notice that her eyes are fully open.A bad picture of Shadow enjoying her eyes. She's sooo pretty!!

...And now she is fast asleep on her beloved bed once more.


Monday, October 8, 2007


Ok so it's been almost exactly two months since my last post and I apologize!!!
Mom's calling Shadow "Cutestuff" a lot less now and has been transitioning into "Pretty Girl." She's still cute, but a lot bigger. She's doing very well and now has a very large vocabulary including Shadow, come, sit, stay, down under (the table), outside, inside, eat, leave it, out (...OF YOUR MOUTH!), ice, treat, busy, forward, stop, down, off, no bite, quiet, and maybe "right about". We're also still working on "down under", too. Here are my very late pictures...
AWWWWWWWW!!! So what if it's really blurry; I caught the perfect moment! She's sooo adorable! This was while she was upstairs after Chemistry class. She stays up there while Mom teaches.

Looking quite guilty after dropping her leash. I told her to "leave it." Her leash isn't a chew toy, but I'm not sure she knows that yet. We switched her over to her big girl leash, by the way, as you can tell. AND (oooh this is SOOOOOOOOO exciting!!) guess what? She gets in the car ALL ON HER LONESOME!!!!! The SUV! It's amazing. Oh yeah, and she needs the big girl coat, too. Her puppy coat looks funny on her now and it's too big. We'll be getting the new one Saturday.
She's growing up!! So sad! So big at 5 months old!!!
What's that? The best idea since who knows when! My aunt gave me this little plaster thingie for my birthday to capture her paw print in!!! I thought it was the bestest idea ever, but Shadow didn't. She squirmed and hated the feeling of it between her toes. Got it all over her feet AND nose the first time. This is the plaster while it's still setting a little. It's in liquid form in the picture above.
Evidence of the struggles...Yep. And you can tell she slid coming back towards the kitchen.
The end result. It's not too deep, because the plaster had started to harden by this time. And further evidence of Shadow's stressful experience are the pieces of fur in the plaster. =)
She was easily consoled with an ice cube.