Thursday, June 21, 2007


We're picking up our puppy on July 14! That's half-way through my 2-week drama camp, so the first week I won't be at home all day with him/her ='( but it's still great!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Welcome to my blog, everybody!!!

My family is going to raise a future guide dog puppy for the Guide Dog Foundation!!! And I'm SOOO EXCITED!!!!!! GDF gives us the crate,brushes, collar, ID tags - everything but tick medication, toys and food. And they even start you off with a bag of puppy food and a chew-toy.

Our "Area Coordinator" also raises puppies and just finished raising their fourth. Leslie (they call him Lee) will be taken to D.C. to give to the GDF people who will take him to New York. GDF often flies puppies down to NC raisers, but this time it's easier to just meet in D.C. since they'll be bringing two very new puppies and taking one 14-16 month old puppy (Leslie) back with them to NY. One of the two puppies will be "ours" (YAY!) and the other will be our A/C's. We'll drive up with the other family to get our puppy.

Most likely we'll get a lab, but the other family is getting a golden retriever puppy. We don't know whether it'll be male or female and we don't know its name yet either. I'm going ballistic waiting. We'll leave to pick up our puppy at D.C. July 7 or the next weekend. Hopefully not a weekday; we want the whole family to be able to go down.