Thursday, August 9, 2007


Shadow loves ice. As in, LOVES. She knows the word and does know stay, but doesn't always do it so well. Today I took her out to busy, she little busied almost immediately, and I asked her if she wanted ice. She got excited, wagging her tail, and jogged with me to the door. She sat beautifully, but, as she often does, started getting up before I had entered. I asked her if she wanted ice and she sat and stayed immediately, big eyes glued on me. Once inside and without the leash, she made a contented beeline to the fridge and I got her the promised ice.
Doesn't sound very interesting probably, but to me it's great. =D

Sorry I haven't posted lately...update.

Sorry I haven't posted lately! I don't have any pics, but I'll do a quick update. Shadow is bigger and her nose is getting longer, and she's really cute (obviously...puppies usually are). She's really smart, and I don't even think it's just me! The vet said so too (yay!).
Shadow goes and sits by the door sometimes when she needs out, but she'll also sit there to take us outside to play if she doesn't think she's getting enough attention. Apparently she doesn't like our reactions when she "goes" inside the house, and wanted to stay inside or something, because the other day Shadow was playing with me and managed to little busy on the carpet LAYING DOWN. Not on her side, but still!!! Geez. Raised her tail up just enough. *sigh*.
She sits, comes, leaves it (unless she really doesn't want to and it's inconvenient), and is starting to crate, stay, and down. We're working most on no bite and off. YAYZERZ! She's great. And she knows the sound of the ice maker tray sliding out a little. I'll grab a piece of ice for myself and she'll come running...and I usually end up giving her one, too. =D
Plus, I think that adorable crease on her nose is gonna stay. YESSSSS!!! Anyway, I gotta go...more later!