Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend at the beach...

We took Shadow with us this past weekend to the beach to visit family. She had a blast with the busy kids and sand. She LOVED the sand!! On the way down, Dad was paying in a restaurant and Shadow had just finished eating outside from a plastic container we bring along for travel. A lady stopped and dropped a few dollars in, saying something about how she loved these types of charities. She was really sweet, but Mom explained that she could go to the website to donate. She wasn't gathering money!With cousins (above & below)

Me in their sotally awesome swingy thing

My brother Ryan, me, Shadow, and a cousin (from left to right, obviously... =] )

And did I mention that Shadow LOVED the sand??? She was totally plastered before we left that day! She never digs holes, but she thoroughly enjoyed digging this one - if not just for the pleasure of seeing and feeling the sand go flying!

She would lay down like this when she was tired of digging, and then get bored without the sand moving. She'd move or kick or somehow make the sand move, then get all excited and start digging again. She was hilarious!

I love this one!
And that pretty much concludes the episode of At the Beach with Shadow. =)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Play-date with Mollie

Today we took Shadow over to our grandparents' house, where our cousins were visiting with the newfoundland puppy they got yesterday. She's 8 weeks old, has blue eyes, and basically looks like an adorable little rolly-polly fluff ball. My grandparents have a Goldendoodle (golden/poodle cross) too, and she's a year and a half...huge as ever.As soon as Shadow saw the big huge Goldendoodle fluff, she wanted to play. Shadow wasn't daunted at all by her "opponent's" size, and Granddad called it a submarine attack when Shadow dashing under and puppy-nipped from there, jumping in and out. She went nuts and ran from one dof to the other to play.

All tired out! They were so cute!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Bunny-Wabbit Encounter

Dun-dun-dun-DUN...It actually went very well, and Shadow was very good most of the time. She was on leash and Abbott the Wabbot was let out. Shadow sat when we told her too most times and only whined a little at having to sit. She tried to paw and half-jump at him (yes, that's our uber-exuberantly-friendly pup) a fair amount, but that was the extent. They politely sniffed noses a few times too, but other than a few things like that Abbott pretty much ignored her. He didn't seem frightened at all for the most part and minded his own business.PS-all the pics so far have been taken by Mom - She takes better pictures anyway. =] That's how these beautifully digiscrapped pages got here, too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Shadow made the GDF Yahoo Groups home page...YAY! =P We took a few pictures of Shadow with on the steps to the front porch a few days ago and they look so cute! (Click for a clearer picture - it's worth it!)

We got Abbott the Rabbit out today with Shadow on leash - I'll put pictures of that up later. SOOO adorable! And Mom and I bought a baby pool she'll be using pretty soon too. I can't wait.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


A picture with the guy who drove 6 puppies down + 2 dogs and took 4 different doggies back with him to NY...I think his name was Johnny.
First I had to post a pic of Lee, the senior here in Raleigh...Now Swifty's the oldest, at 7 months old! Shadow's the youngest.
FIRST OUTING! Wendy's, on the way home from Baltimore. As you can see, Shadow's coat is HUGE on her. Her collar is too; Ron had an extra (I think cat collar) that we're borrowing for a few days 'til we buy one Shadow can't slip out of.
J.J. doing amazingly well in Wendy's. He plopped right down and looked like he would fall asleep for almost the entire meal...unlike Shadow. Shadow whimpered and whined her way through the meal, just like dinner a few minutes ago when she whined and howled for the beginning.


We left the house at 5am this morning and, soon after meeting up with Marc, Nancy and Ron, were told that our puppy had switched once again but at 7:00pm last night Shadow was assigned to us for sure. Shadow is a black, lab/golden mix (Marc called it a Goldendor) and is the cutest thing she could be at 9 weeks old. Everybody was excited about their new puppies, although it was sad (even for me, not knowing the dog much) giving Lee up. Ron and Marc & Nancy got golden retriever puppies. The Marc and Nancy have J.J. and Ron and Debbie have Pheonix. Don't these three have the COOLEST names?!? Haha...

Here was our first glimpse of Shadow...All the way on the left. J.J. and Pheonix were in another crate. YAY SHADOW!

Ron with Pheonix
Marc with J.J.
Me with Shadow

Friday, July 13, 2007


We're picking up Unknown Doggie tomorrow and leaving the house at 5:00 am. We are not getting a lab because the lab they were GOING to give us has an overbite, so for some reason it's been kicked from the program. We're getting a lab/golden mix instead but that's all we know for sure so far...unless they change dogs again. Another family is going up with us too, so the GDF people in NY are ending up bringing THREE puppies and taking one dog back with them. The other two puppies are both goldens.

I'm tired but absolutely ecstatic about getting the puppy. I'll be posting pictures when we get back.